Nathan Grover Wins Class Champion Of The Year At Oakleigh

In a masterful display of dominance and consistency throughout the year, Nathan Grover last weekend won the Oakleigh Club’s Class Champion for the 2013 year in Sportsman Restricted Light. Nathan’s dominance of the Class was such that, in spite of missing two events due to illness, he managed to walk away with the top prize.

Nathan’s great effort behind the wheel of his CRG chassis was very much complimented by his father, Craig Grover with his expert input in chassis set-up and engine tuning.

We extend our sincere congratulations to both Craig and Nathan Grover on a fine effort throughout this year.

Nathan GroverNathan Grover

Alfano DM4 & DM4GPS Important Notes


It is strongly recommended that following your purchase the Alfano Data Logger is checked whether the latest version of Firmware is installed.

The latest Firmware available is Version 1.3.8 released on 23/08/2013. There are definite benefits in running this upgrade such as, increased battery life, smoother GPS recording, additional functions, etc.

Please check (Euro site) or (USA site) regularly for Firmwear updates.

Alfano is constantly striving to improve their systems therefore updates become available as technology improves.

Alfano’s analysis software has also been updated. The new “VisualData2? version 1.0.7 was released on 10/08/2013 and it can be found in Alfano Visual Data 1.0.9

The M4 comes with a very basic “quick start” guide.The full version should be downloaded to avoid any mistakes. This is available from Alfano M4 installation instructions.

If your Alfano was purchased before 23/08/2013 the upgrade of the firmware can be found from: Alfano M4 Firmware upgrade

Important Notes:

  • Alfano DM4GPS should have the GPS Box mounted under the nassa panel for optimum signal reception and not the floor tray of the kart.
  • Ensure that all track data is downloaded to the computer before performing a firmware update.
  • Following Firmware update change language back to English in set up menu.


Step by step instructions on firmware upgrade below .

You will need: Power Box, Power Cable, Head Unit, PC Computer and Bluetooth Dongle.

  • Download firmware upgrade software from Alfano site (located under downloads)
  • Plug Bluetooth dongle into your computer or turn on Bluetooth if your computer has it built in
    •  Turn on Alfano system with lower right button
    • Press lower right button again to activate Bluetooth (you should see Bluetooth icon come up in top centre of the Head Unit screen)
    • Using lower left button scroll through icons until you get to last icon which reads update (you will see your Alfano’s pin code and serial number now)
    • Press OK
    • On your PC run the firmware software by double clicking icon
    • Type in the required codes, pin and serial numbers and click “Next” on your firmware update software.
    • The unit will now update
    • Software will ask you to turn unit on a few times as it goes through steps of updating. This is because the unit shuts down after each stage of update
    • Your unit will now be updated

Please note that each power box is matched to head unit so you will not be able to swap head units with other power boxes. If you try, you will get a message reading “Incompatible”.

OMP Rain Over Boots

New Product arriving very soon.OMP Rain Over Boot

OMP Rain Over Boots

  • Rainproof Nylon Over boot
  • Heat-welded construction with two velcro elastic fastenings
  • Ultra soft reinforced rubber sole ensuring a high degree of sensitivity
  • 5 Sizes: XS (31/34), S (35/38), M (39/41), L (42/44), XL (45/47)
  • Colour: Black

This product will be available from Wednesday, 19th June, 2013.

OMP Rain Over Boots can be purchased in our Online Shop.


Buy A New Yamaha Engine And You Could Be On Your Way To Japan

All you have to do is buy any NEW Yamaha engine (KT100J, KT100S or KT100SEC) between now and 31st August, 2013. Send us the official entry form with a copy of your proof of purchase and you’ll go into the draw.

The prize includes flights from anywhere in Australia and accommodation for two people (1 driver and 1 guest). A fully prepared ready to race Kart package will be awaiting you in Japan for use by 1 person. All you have to do is turn up at the airport with your passport and your driving gear!

This year’s event is being held at the iconic Twin Ring Motegi circuit from the 7th to the 10th of November. The prize winner and their guest are required to be ready to depart from Australia on 6th of  November and may not return until 12th November 2013,depending on city of departure and flight schedules.

All entrants and their guest must hold a current Australian Passport. If the person whose name is drawn are not holding a current Australian Passport another name will be drawn.

The entrant can be of any age from 8 years up. The class entered into depends on the age and experience of the winner. Anyone from a first timer in the cadets to a seasoned veteran in Clubman is eligible but please be aware the minimum age is 8 years due to the class structure in Japan.

Some expenses are required to be paid by the winner. These are 1 night’s accommodation, all meals and travelling expenses in Japan such as train and bus fares

Click here for the official entry form which must be submitted with proof of purchase.


Heavy Duty Mud Flaps Now Available

Stocks of heavy duty mud flaps have just arrived.

These professional quality mudflaps are made from 4mm thick durable PVC and conform to the 2011 British MSA specifications for rally car mudflaps. Ideal for road or stage applications, they are available in the following colours: Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, White.

Dimensions: 500mm x 300mm x 4mm

Sold as a pair.

This product is also available on our Online Shop by clicking HERE.