Racing Accessories

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Sparco Helmet Box

Sparco Helmet Box

  • Safely holds two helmets
  • 3 Useful front pockets
  • Locates behind seats
  • Durable and washable vinyl
Sparco Pit Board and Numbers Sparco Pit Board & Numbers
Sparco Budget Mechanics Gloves
Sparco Meca 2 Mechanics Gloves

  • Sizes: S to XL
Sparco Kevlar Mechanics Gloves

  • For Handling Red Hot Components
Race Tape Race Tape
FIA Roll Bar Padding
Sparco Nomex Elbow Pads
Sparco Nomex Knee Pads
Sparco Bonnet Pins
Sparco Bonnet Spring Latch
Sparco Drink Bag
Sparco Drink Bag Mounted on Seat
Sparco Steering Wheel 2 Button Kit
Sparco Steering Wheel 1 Button Kit
Sparco Pedal Set – Carbon Fibre
Sparco Pedal Set – Reflex
Sparco Race Pedal Set – Alloy
Sparco Navigator Footrest
Sparco Navigator Footrest – Checker Plate

  • Alloy
  • Blue
  • Red
Sparco Driver’s Footrest
Sparco Floorplate
Sparco Fuel Cap
Sparco Locking Fuel Cap
Sparco Fuel Cap Funnel
Mini DV CameraThe Mini DV Camera features high speed (30 frames per second) dynamic recording making it ideal for high speed sports action. The camera is smaller than a person’s thumb, weighing less than 50 grams. The Mini DV Camera package comes complete with a professional waterproof case and a variety of mounting accessories.

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