Monit G-Series Rally Computers

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Monit G-100 and G-200 Rally Computers

Monit Rally Computers have now released their new GPS enabled range of trip meters, offering customers unprecedented ease-of-use in both installation and functionality. Monit revolutionised the rally and roading trip meter market when they combined careful industrial design with modern electronic innovations to launch a trip meter that was compact, lightweight, and extremely easy-to-use. This great design has been used in the development of the new G-Series GPS Monit trip meter range to produce a product that enhances both your vehicle appearance and your chances of making it onto the podium.

The new G-Series Rally Computers use a high powered industrial grade GPS receiver coupled with an external antenna to provide extreme accuracy for the competitor. To guarantee precise operation in all situations Monit have developed the GPS+ system that can combine the signals from the GPS with a traditional wheel speed sensor, providing automatic backup in case of signal loss.

The G-Series Rally Computer can be quickly placed in rental and hire recce vehicles to help produce accurate pace notes without any hard wiring. The G-Series is designed so that the GPS function can be disabled and use traditional hard wired sensors only, offering superior installation flexibility. Additionally Monit Rally Computers include features such as, fuel gauge, auto-starting stopwatch, stage data recorder, performance timing, speed readout and more. For full product information please visit

The Monit G-Series Rally Computer is available in two models, The Monit G-100 and Monit G-200. Dimensions for both units are: 116 x 57 x 20 mm. Weight: 100 grams.

Monit G-100

Monit G-100 GPS Rally ComputerWith its careful selection of essential features, the G-100 model is the perfect entry-level rally computer for professional rally teams. The compact and light-weight design combined with the simple installation afforded by GPS make it easy to fit into any modern or classic rally vehicle. It is also ideal for use in reconnaissance vehicles.

Monit G-200

Monit G-200 Rally ComputerThe top of the range G-200 model has all the features required for the highest level of competition. The main advantages over the G-100 are the addition of a time-of-day clock, average speed, fuel management system and handy stage recorder. For competitors that demand the most from their equipment the G-200 is the ideal choice.

Feature Summary

Feature G-100 G-200
GPS Operation GPS+ GPS+
Wheel Sensor Operation or WSS or WSS
Total Distance (5-digit) x x
Interval Distance (5-digit) x x
Current Speed x x
Average Speed x
Maximum Speed x x
Stopwatch x x
Fuel Gauge x
Time of Day x
Overspeed Alarm x
Special Stage Recorder x
Vehicle Performance Timers x x
Programmable Foot Resets 2x 2x
Operation in Miles or Kms x x

GPS Antenna

All G-Series rally computers require a suitable GPS antenna to receive the speed and distance signal from the GPS satellites. There are two antennas available to suit different installation requirements. An antenna is not required if GPS functions are not used.

PR004 – Magnetic GPS Antenna

Monit GPS Magnetic AntennaThe magnetic mount antenna is a high-sensitivity GPS antenna with a strong magnet built into the base. The magnet can be used to clamp the antenna onto the steel roof of a vehicle simplifying installation and removal. For gravel events or high performance vehicles the addition of adhesive tape is recommended to prevent excessive movement.
Technical Specifications:
Cable Length = 5 metres, Weight = 90 grams

PR005 – Bulkhead GPS Antenna

Monit GPS Bulkhead AntennaThe bulkhead mount antenna is a high-sensitivity GPS antenna with an integrated mounting stud. This can be used to securely fasten the antenna through a vehicle’s roof or to a suitable mounting bracket. The mounting stud and antenna housing are sealed to prevent water ingress if a hole is made in the roof to accommodate the antenna.
Technical Specifications:
Cable Length = 5 metres, Weight = 70 grams

AC007 – G-Series Recce Car Mounting KitMonit G-Series Recce Mounting Kit

The recce car kit bundles a windscreen suction mount with a custom G-Series wiring loom pre-wired with a cigarette lighter power adaptor and handheld reset switch. When combined with the G-Series’ GPS capabilities, the kit makes temporary installation of a rally computer into any vehicle fast and hassle free. This is ideal for rented or borrowed reconnaissance vehicles where finding a speed signal for a traditional trip meter is not possible.
Technical Specifications:
Cable Length = 1.4 metres, Weight = 230 grams

Foot Reset Pedal (Only available on TC200 model)

Enhance the functionality of your Monit rally computer with this industrial grade foot pedal. Made from pressed steel and with a rubber grip, this pedal is designed to survive being stamped on in the heat of competition. It can be easily connected to the trip meter’s auxiliary inputs to provide remote reset or other remote control functions. Up to two pedals may be connected to one trip meter.

Wheel Probe (PR001)

This sensor works by detecting metal protrusions on a wheel hub or drive shaft. It is suitable for vehicles that do not have an electronic speedometer output, or an existing speed sensor. The high quality water proof sensor is designed to handle the stress of being mounted on a wheel hub or near the transmission system. It connects to the trip meter through a 2m long three wire cable.

Electronic Speed Sensor Interface (PR002)

The Monit Speed Sensor Interface allows the use of a factory fitted speed sensor. It will work with most types of speed sensors which produce either an analogue or digital pulse output. A factory fitted speed sensor is usually mounted on a vehicle’s gearbox or differential.

ABS Sensor Interface (PR003)

The Monit ABS Sensor Interface takes the signal produced by the vehicle’s ABS Wheel Speed Sensor and converts it into a usable format for the Monit Rally Computer. It will work with most types of two wire sensors which generate an analogue output signal.

Probe Extension Cable (AC002)

Used to extend the length of a cable between a speed sensor and the Monit Rally Computer. Two cables are provided to allow the selection of the appropriate length for the installation

Door Mounting Bracket (AC004)

The new universal door mounting bracket is fabricated from 2mm aluminium and is suitable for attaching to most vehicles’ doors. The bracket is compatible with all Monit trip computers and is finished in a non reflective black coating.

Dash Mounting Bracket (AC005)

The new universal dashboard mounting bracket is fabricated from 2mm aluminium and is suitable for attaching to most vehicles’ dashboards. The bracket is compatible with all Monit trip computers and is finished in a non reflective black coating.

Windscreen Suction Mount (AC006)Monit Windscreen Suction Mount

The suction mount can be used to temporarily attach a rally computer to the windscreen of a vehicle and is ideal for recce or road survey use. It has a strong suction cup and rigid goose neck to minimise movement when driving over rough terrain. The adapter plate accepts all rally computers in the Monit range.Although the suction mount can withstand a significant amount of vibration, a permanent mounting solution is strongly recommended for competition use.

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