Body Protection

Omega Neck Brace – Youth 

  • The all new Omega Y1 Neck Brace is designed for the younger driver. The neck brace was developed for the ergonomics of the youth body structure. The Omega Neck Brace may be used in many sports where a full face helmet is used.
Omega Neck Brace – Adult 

  • The all new Omega X1 Neck Brace is designed for the adult driver. New lower profile design allows for more comfort and adjustability. The Omega Neck Brace may be used in many sports where a full face helmet is used.

Why Omega?

The reason we participate in the sport of kart racing is because we love it. Some of us look forward to go racing as a family, thus spending quality time with each other. Some like the sheer thrill of racing against their opposition. Others do it because it is their profession and livelihood. Racing kart technology is constantly advancing. Racing karts are getting faster and handle extremely well. Race tracks are becoming faster and more technical. As the technology of racing karts advances and driving abilities continue to progress, it is important for safety equipment to constantly improve and provide the highest safety properties possible.

While we love this great sport, we know that we are taking a risk every time we venture out on the race track. We owe it to our families, our careers and ourselves to wear the safest equipment possible. Through extensive R&D we know the Omega neck brace is the safest brace you can buy and we vow to continually make it better as we learn more about injuries. If you choose not to wear an Omega Neck Brace, we still encourage you to wear some type of neck protection when you drive a kart. It doesn’t matter if you are the occasional or professional racer, you can’t be certain when the unexpected accident is going to happen. Please wear neck protection!

Energy Reduction
Most neck braces rest on your shoulders which means that upon impact, the pressure is directed onto a small area. Often your collarbone and sternum suffer the brunt during impact. Omega is different. Omega’s innovative shape and adjustable suspension system work together to distribute the force and make the impact much more manageable. Less force means less risk of injury.

Energy Transfer
Upon impact, the top plate of the brace starts to slow down and reduce the energy. While the energy is constantly being reduced, it is transferred from the top plate to the suspension strap system. This system distributes the remaining energy over a wide area that is manageable by the body. The energy is redirected away from the sternum and spine area.

Because every driver has a different size neck and body structure, the neck brace must be adjustable in order to work properly. Too much space between the brace and helmet can be dangerous because of the inertia that is gained during impact. Too little space in this area can result in restricted mobility. The Omega Neck Brace has multiple adjustments to micro fit these areas. The rider can raise and lower the brace to adjust for individual neck heights and pivot the top plate to accommodate different driving styles.

Omega’s revolutionary lightweight construction maximizes comfort without sacrificing protection. The open front design allows better airflow and is less restrictive. In fact, Omega reduces the type of throat and neck injuries that can occur with closed collar style braces.

RC Evo Race Collar System 

  • Soft rubberized edges for increased comfort
  • Easy front entry system
  • Ventilated, sculpted bio-foam liner
  • Comfortable harness system with quick release buckles

Providing the ultimate in neck protection, the RC-EVO has been designed from its inception with the assistance of top orthopaedic professionals to reduce neck compression and extension related injuries (the cause of serious spinal chord damage). This new design uses an entirely new and innovative combination of Absorption, Diffusion and Deflection of Impact Energy mechanisms not seen in other popular neck protection devices.

The RC- EVO has a customizable ergonomic fit that works with the driver to ensure comfort and maximum impact protection. Reducing overall weight and bulk, the vented design allows air to move freely through it, helping to keep you cool. The RC-EVO offers more effective load transfer to the shoulders, and deals with filling the space between helmet and shoulders more effectively than other devices. It avoids putting unnecessary pressures on the upper body in otherwise benign crashes. The RC-EVO offers the driver other benefits such as: comfort, simplicity of use, adjustability, low weight, low bulk. Check exploded view on right.

The RC-EVO Race Collar is available in the following sizes:

  • Small (27 – 45 Kg)
  • Medium (45 – 68 Kg)
  • Large (68 – 86 Kg)
  • X-Large (86 – 108 Kg)

Bengio Rib Protector 

  • Designed and manufactured in Italy with assistance from world champion Danilo Rossi.
  • The side protection panels are manufactured from anti-splintering triple layer fibreglass. Guaranteed to have high resilience and to absorb high levels of stress at low frequency.
  • The padding uses closed cell 8 mm thick foam at 100 kg/m³ density. This system provides great levels of driver comfort and protection from high frequency vibrations.
  • The back protection panel uses an internal framework of Texton 480 with closed cell 5 mm thick foam padding and covered with a soft perforated fabric.
  • Shoulder straps are adjustable Velcro. Front strap is adjustable double ring fastener.

Sparco Pro Rib Protector 

  • The latest rib protection product from Sparco
  • Designed to offer rib, back and chest protection with shoulder pads and fully adjustable straps
  • Vest includes removable chest plate

  • Tested for increases of stresses on the ribs and chest of the driver whilst racing
  • Adjustable to the individual body shape
  • Slim Design
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Soft Towelling Lining for Personal Comfort
  • Men’s Sizes:

C 26″ – 29″ 65 – 74 cm
XS 29″ – 31″ 74 – 78 cm
S 31″ – 34″ 78 – 86 cm
MS 34″ – 36″ 86 – 92 cm
ML 36″ – 39″ 92 – 99 cm
L 39″ – 42″ 99 – 107cm
XL 42″ – 46″ 107 – 117cm

  • The shape of the Ladies Ribtec has been modified to allow for the bust
  • Because kart seats are always made for men, extra thickness has been added to the sides to compensate
  • Ladies Sizes:

C 22” – 26” / 56 – 66 cm
XS 26” – 32” / 66 – 81 cm
S 32” – 36.5” / 81 – 93cm
M 36.5” – 40” / 93 – 102 cm
L 40” – 44” / 102 – 112cm
XL 44” – 48” / 112 – 122cm

  • If a driver’s chest is angular or V shaped, it is possible to experience the belt dropping out of position
  • The Ribtec Harness is the simple and effective answer to any movement problems

As with all our rib protectors this model was tested on the most demanding rubber covered tracks that place exceptional forces on the ribs and body. Drivers like Kimi Raikkonen, Jenson Button, Vitantonio Liuzzi and Anthony Davidson were all instrumental in helping develop this product.

This simple yet effective rib protector was the first ever to offer real protection, rather than just a piece of foam hanging in a waistcoat, which was all that was available before.

The Ribtec rib protector offers a very good degree of protection at an affordable price.

Ribtec User Information

The Ribtec must be worn high up under the arms to give maximum protection.

When seated, the top of the belt has to show above the top edge of the seat to be at its most effective.

When fitting make sure that there is a gap at the front of about 10 to 15cm. (See diagram)
If the belt is too big and no gap exists the level of protection afforded will be reduced. For maximum comfort, wear over a tee-shirt but underneath a racesuit. Test the belt on the track before any modification takes place, as the belt needs the full width to remain in position. If movement still occurs, use the Ribtec Harness to keep it in position
Between each race keep the belt flat or wrapped around a crash helmet. Curling the belt up in a tight roll, or creasing it in half could leave it permanently damaged.

The Velcro strap should be cut down to size when the wearer is happy with the required length. Chest measurements should be taken with a measuring tape pulled tight at the height of the red line on the diagram opposite. Ladies should measure directly under the bust line.
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If a driver’s chest is angular or V shaped, it is possible to experience the belt dropping out of position, the Ribtec Harness is the simple and effective answer to any movement problems.