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Sparco Hans Device Collar

Sparco Hans DeviceSparco Hans Device collars are manufactured in carbon fibre. These collars are available in medium and large in both 20 degree and 30 degree versions. The Hans Device collar efficiently protects neck and head zones in case of accident. The Hans Device collar is complemented by a range of compatible Sparco full face and open face helmets, Sparco racing harnesses and Sparco helmet bags.

Seatback Angle

For comfort the HANS should match the angle of your seat back.


Fits many Sprint cars. Fits many people weighing under 75 lbs. in an upright seat. If you sit very upright and cannot get comfortable with a Model 20 try this Model.


Fits all sedans including NASCAR, Busch, Sprint, Midget, Quarter Midget, Drag, Modified, Bandalero and similar. All sportscars including Porsche, BMW, Corvette, Honda, Viper etc. All Panoz Racing Series cars. Marine applications including UIM and Drag Boats. Drivers over 200 lbs. may find a Model 30 more comfortable in vehicles listed above.


Fits Formula Mazda, Atlantic, Infiniti Pro, Barber Dodge, IRL, C/D Sports Racer, Formula 1 and similar.


The Model 40 is a rare application and fits extremely reclined seats such as Vintage Formula Ford. Many people who buy a Model 40 return it for a Model 30. Please measure your seat (use an angle meter available at DIY-type stores) before ordering.

HANS Sizing Chart

EVS Karting Race Collar

The EVS race collar collection has been developed and further refined utilizing testing data and feedback from test riders on the track and on the trails. Our collars are designed to minimize the risk of axial compression, hyperflexion, hyperextension and lateral hyperflexion.

The R4 is a lightweight, form fitting race collar offering protection against neck and collarbone injuries. The low profile design makes it a comfortable yet protective piece of gear you can wear on the track or on the trail.

  • Hard molded upper surface disperses energy to the PU core
  • Hi-tensile closed cell PU core absorbs impact energy
  • Bio-foam liner provides extra impact absorption
  • Lightweight and form fitting
  • Rapid lock closure system for easy front entry
  • Adjustable rear strut for a customized fit
  • CE and Directive 89/686/EEC Certified
  • Weight: Adult – 635 grams. Youth – 580 grams.

Available in 2 sizes:

  • Youth = Up to 50 Kg. and/or 160 cms tall
  • Adult = Above 50 Kg. and/or 160 cms tall

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