New South Wales State Championships Oran Park

The weekend saw the 2009 NSW State Championships run at the famous Oran Park race circuit in New South Wales. Some fine results were achieved by CRG drivers:

Rotax HeavyJason Hryniuk - Clubman Heavy

  • Rick Pringle – 1st
  • Simon Meyer – 3rd
  • Jason Pringle – 4th

Junior National Light

  • Jake Coleman – 2nd

Formula JMA

  • Pierce Lehane – 5th

Rotax LightRick Pringle - Rotax Heavy

  • Jason Hryniuk – 4th

Senior National Heavy

  • Adam Pisula – 2nd

Leopard Heavy

  • Simon Roberts – 1st

Clubman Heavy

  • Jason Hryniuk – 1st

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