CRG Releases New VK1 Rookie Chassis

CRG VK1 Rookie Chassis

It is with great pleasure that we wish to announce the release of the CRG VK1 chassis. Specifically developed for the Rookie Class, it displays CRG’s commitment to providing the latest available race winning technologies to its drivers.

The following are just some of the features of this new kart:

  • Chro-moly 28 x 28mm Chassis with 950mm Wheelbase
  • Adjustable Camber/Caster and Ackerman
  • Suede Flat Top Steering Wheel
  • New Age Bodywork
  • Quick Release 3 Litre Fuel Tank
  • Lightweight/Floating Brake Disc Rotor
  • Self Adjusting Brake Pads
  • 4 Point Mounting Axle Bearing Flanges (Unique to CRG)
  • Front and Rear Chassis Height Adjustment
  • New Style Rear Bumper Bar with Wheel Protection
  • Chrome & Fluoro Lucky Design Sticker Kit

CRG VK1 Rookie Chassis

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